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Craig Kubik, DO, GOMA President

On Friday October 25, 2019, Craig Kubik, DO was sworn in as the 2019 – 2020 President of the Georgia Osteopathic Medical Association (GOMA).  

Dr. Craig Kubik, DO, is board-certified as a specialist in gastroenterology and practices in Waycross, GA. 

Dear Colleagues

I am proud to be GOMA President for 2020. The Osteopathic Medical profession has come a long way since I was a medical student in the 1980’s and was told I wasn’t a “real medical student” and could not rotate in allopathic hospitals. Today DO students have unlimited possibilities. I hope they realize those opportunities had to be fought for, and that they join GOMA and support the osteopathic “brand.” Between insurance companies, hospital administrators, and the government, practicing medicine gets more challenging all the time. It is still the most challenging and rewarding profession on earth, so let’s work together to make our professional lives the best possible. Thank you.


Craig M. Kubik, DO

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