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2022 Legislative Advocacy Webinar
Wednesday, March 9
6-7:30 pm
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Our Members Always Come First

The Georgia Osteopathic Medical Association (GOMA) is a non-profit organization comprised of osteopathic physicians, residents, interns and students who meet the membership requirements of GOMA Constitution and Bylaws.

GOMA strives to elevate and maintain the high standards of the profession by providing quality educational programs for its members and supporting osteopathic medical training programs.

Adherence to an established Code of Ethics is strongly recommended. The state association offers to its members, through a doctor-to-doctor peer review program, an opportunity to address issues of an ethical nature.

GOMA seeks to provide for the needs of its members by continually updating membership services especially in the area of medical education and information and government relations through the quarterly newsletter, the GEORGIA DO.

Encouraging D.O.s in other states to locate their practices in Georgia is an ongoing effort. 

What's a D.O.?

D.O. is the abbreviation for Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine. Commonly known as Osteopathic Physicians, D.O.s practice a "whole person" approach to medicine. Instead of just treating specific symptoms, osteopathic physicians concentrate on treating the whole patient. They focus on preventive health care and believe that the body is self-repairing, self-sustaining and self-adjusting and that it is the physician's job to help the body heal itself.

Osteopathic physicians understand how all the body’s systems are interconnected and how each one affects the others. They focus special attention on the musculoskeletal system, which reflects and influences the condition of all other body systems.

This system of bones and muscles make up about two-thirds of the body's mass, and a routine part of the osteopathic patient examination is a careful evaluation of these important structures. D.O.s know that the body’s structure plays a critical role in its ability to function. They can use their eyes and hands to identify structural problems and to support the body’s natural tendency toward health and self-healing.

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The Georgia Osteopathic Medical Association (GOMA) is a non-profit organization comprised of osteopathic physicians Read more(...)

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